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Dorval residents raise concerns over proposed seniors’ residence project – Montreal

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A strip mall off of Highway 20 in Dorval could soon be replaced by a 12-story apartment building with more than 200 units.

The units would be up for rent for senior residents, a much-needed project according to the developer.

“The amount of people over 65 years old and more in Dorval, there’s a lot of people,” said Mylène Dupéré, a spokesperson for Groupe Sélection.

Dupéré also believes the location is ideal for seniors and would benefit the area.

“Because it is so close to the Highway 20, we believe our building will be able to cut the sound for the surroundings and the neighbours around so I think it’s going to be a real good feature,” Dupéré said.

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But not everyone is as enthusiastic about the project.

At public consultations held Monday night in Dorval, people took turns to raise concerns over what they saw as flaws in the project, including safety concerns about its location.

“You wanna do this for retirees? Then find them a spot that’s safe,” said Dorval resident Raphael Tremblay. Tremblay pointed out that many retirees socialize at the Dorval Mall and getting there would require crossing high-traffic, accident-prone areas as the project is located right next to the Dorval Circle.

Others, like Dorval resident Max St. Denis, criticized the magnitude of the project.

“We are not against a seniors’ residence, we are against 240 units in a place that should only occupy 80, based on our urban planning plan,” said St. Denis.

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St. Denis and several others were also worried about the amount of parking. The developer plans to include 150 parking spots that residents, visitors and the roughly 100 people the residence would hire would have to share.

“You left zero buffer room for residents one hundred per cent of those spots will be taken by employees if they own a car,” said St. Denis.

The developer took in all criticism.

“We’re there to listen to people and see if they have any concerns and see if we can, if possible, adjust our plan if need be,” Dupéré told Global News.

The project is in the very early stages. The developer still hasn’t bought the land and the city would need to approve a zoning change so it can go from commercial to residential and to allow for high-rise condos.

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